This project provides:
  1. A perl-script to extract lines from Usenet postings archived at
  2. Data files containing message IDs and line number ranges.
  3. The result of applying 2. to 1, cookie files suitable for fortune-mod.
  4. Online cookies (search without arguments returns three random fortunes):

    Down Arrow Fortune file # Description Site
    fvl 647 Felix von Leitner
    rss 247 Robin S. Socha
    de.misc 487    
      Fortune file # Description Site
    larry.wall 119 Larry Wall
    en.misc 58    
    Right Arrow  
  5. A short summary of Felix von Leitner's opinions on products and vendor names.
Download all in one package. See a related site. Read a description of usenet laws. Study the The Flamers Bible. Wonder about the statistics of at.linux. Browse another fortune collection. Praise Google's 20 Year Usenet Timeline.

I highly appreciate contributions and hand out CVS write permissions liberally. The only important rule is that nobody should ever manage his or her own postings. No matter how good your intentions are, this would end up as vanity or censorship. In doubt check the CVS logs.

We're Germans and we use Unix. That's a combination of two demographic 
groups known to have no sense of humour whatsoever.

Hanno Müller in de.comp.os.unix.programming
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